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  • Samantha Sandlin

10 Home Decor Gifts For Less Than $30

Hello everyone! And welcome back to The Venue House! If you're looking for gift ideas for someone in your life who loves home decor, I've got you covered. Check out these 10 options, all available for less than $30.

Please keep in mind that at the time I posted these all of the prices are under $30 but as we know sometimes prices go up (but hopefully they go down instead!).

These flameless candles are gorgeous, maybe the best-looking LED candles I've come across.

Candles are a great go-to gift for the holidays - everyone loves them. Instead of giving someone a candle that will burn away, give them a candle that will last for years. These are the gold ones but they also come in grey and ivory white. Find them HERE.

If you want to go the traditional route and gift someone a wax candle instead of an LED candle, this candler warmer would be the perfect addition. These warm your candles instead of burning them, so they last longer and do not produce any smoke. Perfect for traditional candle lovers. Find them HERE.

I promise this will be my last one that has to do with candles, there are just so many good options out there right now! These are perfect for a romantic night in or as everyday home decor. They have 11 color options! Find them HERE.

4: Green Glass Flower Vase - $19.99 - $23.99

This super chic vase is a beautiful gift by itself but would look even better if you gifted it already filled with flowers. This would be a perfect gift for the Christmas day host, they can show it off right away! There is a small and a large option. Find it HERE.

This is advertised as a ring rack but I also think it could be used as an interesting piece of decor anywhere in the home. Find it HERE.

Tis the season for runny noses. Tissues might be a necessity for the season but they dont need to be an eyesore. These tissue box covers look much more expensive than they actually are and can be used all year round. For this price, you can grab a few! Find it HERE.

7: Handmade Frame- $19.99

Everyone has plenty of boring frames from Hobby Lobby and Target. This frame is a unique option for a picture frame that is sure to please anyone you buy it for. It is available in multiple sizes and two colorways. I'm definitely getting this one for myself! Find it HERE.

There are so many uses for jewelry trays and trinket dishes, which is why these make sure a great gift! There are multiple shapes and colors available. Find it HERE.

Blankets are always an appreciated gift, especially if they're as cute as these! Multiple colors are available, all under $30. Find it HERE.

Night lights aren't just for little ones. I like to use one in my bathroom so I dont have to turn on the big light in the middle of the night. They provide a nice ambiance that is appreciated by all ages! Especially if they are as cute as this one! Find it HERE.


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