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  • Samantha Sandlin

DIY Clay Pretzel

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Hello everyone! And welcome back to The Venue House! Today I’ll be walking you through an idea I had while putting together a gallery wall in my home.

I’ve seen my share of beautifully arranged gallery walls, but when putting my own together I wanted to incorporate elements that weren’t just framed photos — I wanted to be a bit more creative than that. To avoid having to go out and spend money on new materials, and knowing I had to have a stash of crafting goods squirreled away in some dark corner, I decided to see what I could uncover in the comfort of my own home. After some searching, and a bit of fate, I came across some polymer clay that was gathering dust and in desperate need of something to do. With some thought, and perhaps an empty stomach, I decided to create something food related. I think we can all agree a soft pretzel is always a welcomed treat - I know I love all kinds - soft, crunchy, those ones with the little hot dogs in the middle - so I thought why not one made of clay?

This DIY uses minimal supplies and is a great project for beginners! When you’re finished you’ll have an adorable piece of decor!

Supplies Needed:

Step 1:

Roll your clay into balls depending on color. You want to work the clay with your hands for a little bit to warm it up and make it easier to work with.

Step 2:

Roll your clay into long logs. For bigger thinner pretzels, make sure the log is long and skinny. For smaller fatter pretzels, make sure the log is short and fat. Use the extruder (or your hands) to make the super thin string of white clay we will chop into little salt bits later.

Step 3:

Twist your clay into pretzels. Shape the clay in a big "U". Then bring the ends down while crossing them over each other. This should give you a really nice pretzel shape. Place all of your pretzels and the thin white piece of clay on your baking sheet.

Step 4:

Preheat your oven and bake your clay. The clay packaging should have very specific baking instructions. Depending on what brand you are working with, those instructions will differ so make sure to read the packaging.

Step 5:

Once done baking, remove the baking sheet from the oven. Give everything time to cool off, and then feel everything to make sure it hardened in the oven. Cut the thin white string up clay with an exacto knife or scissors into small pieces that look like salt. I did this in the baking sheet so they couldn't roll away!

Step 6:

With a paintbrush, spread your choice of glue on the top of the pretzel where you would like the salt to be! I used E600 which is a great glue but it stayed shiny on top of my pretzels (see pictures at the bottom). If you want to avoid this, I would suggest using matte mod podge. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on your salt. Once the glue dried you're all done!

Look at these! So Cute!


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