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  • Samantha Sandlin

DIY Instax Photo Holder

Hello everyone! And welcome back to The Venue House! This week I bring you an extremely easy DIY that you can use to display all of those Instax photos you have lying around. I decided not to paint mine because I liked the look of the natural wood, but these would be easy to customize with any paint or stain color!


Step 1:

Start with your balsa wood sheet and your two balsa wood strips. You want to dab your hot glue right against the edge of your balsa wood sheet, and then carefully place the balsa wood stip on top of the hot glue. Then just repeat on the other side. The photos need to be able to slide through the middle, so make sure not to use too much hot glue that it blocks the movement of the pictures. The wood is very light and the pictures won't be putting a lot of pressure on the wood.

Step 2

Next, we want to drill holes in the wood so that we can mount this to the wall. I placed the holes where I knew they would be behind pictures so that they were hidden once hung up. I wanted mine to lay completely flat against the wall so I chose to drill holes. If you don't care about it laying flat, you could also attach picture-hanging hardware to the back and hang this like a picture frame, whatever works for you!

And that is literally it... haha

I wish I had more steps, but it really is that easy. You're ready to fill with photos and hang!


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