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  • Samantha Sandlin

DIY Window Valance

Hello everyone! And welcome back to The Venue House! This week I will show you all how to make a DIY window valance. I’ve done this particular DIY a few times in my own home and I feel that even a simple window valance can elevate the look of any room instantly. The valance I’m going to show you today can easily be customized to match any space you may want to liven up a bit! It is also very lightweight and easy to hang so it would be a great option for anyone renting their space!

When I first thought up this DIY I was looking for a way to make a window valance without using wood. I wanted mine to be lightweight so that it is easy to move or take down when the mood strikes. When using wood a lot of other factors are brought to the table as well, like the use of tools such as saws and nails, and screws. So, instead of using any complicated and possibly dangerous machinery or materials I used what I normally use… you guessed it! These two gorgeous hands, poster board, hot glue, and fabric!

The end result is an extremely clean, lightweight, and functional window valance at a fraction of the cost of one made from traditional wood. Being made from poster board (which is covered in fabric so who will even know) it’s easy to move if you want to change things up on a whim. This DIY is simple from the start but only gets easier with every one you make, so I hope you all try it! With how little effort and money they take to make it’s a great project to try something unique and take some creative leaps!

Until next time!


  • your window measurements

  • fabric of your choice

  • poster board

  • popsicle sticks (these are optional but I like to add them for additional support when cutting and gluing the poster board together in certain spots).

  • L brackets or command strips for hanging

Step 1:

First, you are definitely going to want to take your window measurements. You will need these measurements to know how much posterboard and fabric you will need.

Step 2

Cut your posterboard to your desired length, width, and depth. I decided that I wanted my window valance to sit 2 inches off my wall and be 6 inches in width on my window that is 70 inches in length and I think these measurements for my window valance ended up looking really nice. I obviously had to use multiple pieces of posterboard to make a valance over 70 inches in length so to straighten where I joined two pieces of posterboard together, I used popsicle sticks to strengthen those seams.

Step 3

Next, you're going to want to cut your fabric to fit your window valance and attach it to your poster board. I wanted to save money on fabric and knew that in order to do this and still fit the length of my window I would need to have a seam in the middle of my window valance. I really like how this turned out for my window valance, but if you don't want that you just need to buy as many yards of fabric needed to fit the total length of your window valance. In regards to the middle seam, I purposefully made the patterns not meet in the middle because I thought it would be hard to match 100% and I thought it would look better for it to be intentionally mismatched. I attached my fabric to the posterboard using hot glue.

Step 4

Once all of your fabric is attached and your hot glue is dry, you are ready to hang your valance! I attached mine using L brackets I hot glued to the poster board, but since these are so light weight you could probably just hang them with command strips.

TA DA! Isn't it beautiful?! I added some curtains I got off of Amazon (linked here) they have tons of colors available. They are lightweight and perfect for this room and I love the way they complete this window.


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