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  • Samantha Sandlin

Items I Look For At The Thrift Store

Hi, my name is Samantha and I'm addicted to my local thrift store. I seriously can't stay away, I visit every Saturday! Anytime I need something for the house, I'll check the thrift store first. Not just because I'm likely to find a deal. Also because I love the uniqueness that comes with items I find at the thrift store. Don't get me wrong I love the convenience of stopping at Target and picking up what I need, but I love finding one-of-a-kind pieces that everyone and their mom doesn't already own. That being said, there are some items you should only buy from the thrift store. One, for their character. Two, for the amount of money you will save. All of the items below I found for great prices! I usually never spend more than $7 on something at the thrift store. So next time you're at your local store keep an eye out for these items!


These are so inexpensive at the thrift store and all of the options are unique. I love to pick out colored vases, but I check to make sure first that they are actual colored glass and not just painted glass. I'll pick up a few and keep them on hand, this way when I give someone flowers I can give them to them in a beautiful vase that was inexpensive!

Decorative Bowls and Dishes

This is my favorite dish I have ever bought at the thrift store! It is a really cool shell shape and is opalescent in color. I love to put this on my side table and use it to hold random bits and bobs. I have also found a lot of little dishes I call trinket dishes. Perfect to put next to your bed and hold your jewelry.

Cigar Boxes

I think cigar boxes made great storage options that aren't terrible to look at. If you're so inclined you can paint it, but I usually like the way they look as is.


I am a big fan of cute mugs! I keep my mugs out on my counter, so I don't have many, and the ones I do have I like to be cute! I saw this one and couldn't pass it up even though I am not a grandpa and do not plan on making anyone a grandpa. I'll keep it for myself! Call me Pop Pop!

Vintage Decanter

I know decanters are used to store alcohol but I don't actually keep alcohol in mine. I use them strictly for decorative purposes, but obviously, you can store alcohol in them AND use them for decor! I believe they call that a win-win situation! Look at how cool these ones I found are! I definitely couldn't pass them up when I saw them.

Framed Art

Finding a great piece of framed art at the thrift store does not happen often I'll admit. Oh, but when it does, it is such an amazing feeling. I found this Blue Boy at a thrift store on my birthday (happy birthday to me!) and ever since then, I find one every so often. My goal is to give one to everyone in my family so I still need to find 2 more! I found this small painting at my local thrift store. It was signed on the back so I looked up the artist and they're from New Zealand. I think it is so cool that I have a framed piece of artwork from an actual artist in New Zealand! So cool!


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